Thursday, November 6, 2008

Smarter than a two-year-old...for now.

Me: Ashlyn, you really need to eat your carrots.


Me: Really? 'Cuz carrots are just like french fries.

Ashlyn: Oh! *giggle* I LOVE CARROTS!!

This works with just about all foods. Broccoli, peas, green beans, you name it.

I wonder how long it'll last?



Tory said...

I will have to try that one! She is too cute! And when I am done with Brisingr you can borrow it from me! Then you don't have to wait FOREVER! :)

Merri Ann said...

"Rusty, Did you know that Tomatoes are just like fries? hmmm I wonder if that would work?

Brits said...

ACK! Tomatoes. Vile weed.

Brittney said...

That's awesome.

That would be so nice if we could stay with you guys if it comes to that again. I really really really didn't like staying in the hospital. We are coming to though on the 18 for a Dr's apt. We wanted to go to Cafe Ole after if you guys want to join us ;)

Rustin said...

Hey! I thought you only did that trick on me!

GRaSSE said...

that picture brings a smile to my face. if only you didn't copyright it...blast you.

Jon & Becky said...

Did you know that sending a big wad of cash to Jon and Becky is just like RECEIVING a big wad of cash...from heaven?

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