Sunday, November 2, 2008

Answers to Six

This game was a lot of fun! Here are the answers, in no particular order....

I once spent the night sitting in an aisle at Wal Mart.

True! Rusty and I were living in Hawaii and Wal Mart had an after Thanksgiving sale on DVD players (they were only $20). So we spent the night in an aisle where the DVD players were all wrapped up (and guarded), so that at 5 AM we'd be sure to get one.

I waited over a year after I got married to send out my "Dear John" letter.

True! Before my friend Matt Coates left on his mission, he was lamenting the fact that he didn't have a girlfriend to "Dear John" him. And because we all know that that's not only an integral part of the mission experience, but also a prerequisite to be Relief Society president someday , I offered to be the one.

Sorry, that was kind of a trick question. Most of my friends know that once I turned 16, *cough 15 I went straight to dating RMs.

In my third grade class picture, I made a funny face.

True! Here's the proof.

Now I'll let you in on a little secret. Everyone thought it was an accident. I was just such a sweet, quiet kid that I guess no one thought I would do something like that on purpose, but do you roll your eyes on accident? The thing that was was going through my head at the time was how goofy I looked so much taller than everyone else, so I just figured I'd embrace it.

For added bonus, try and find Misty and Jennilee in the picture.

While "engaged" to Rusty, I went on a date with a schizophrenic.

True! We had talked about getting married, but because he was spending the semester in Hawaii and I was in Idaho, we didn't want to be officially engaged. The rule was we could date other people. I got set up on a blind date. He admitted to being schizophrenic (I think he forgot his medication on date-night). The best thing that came out of it all was that I told Rust about the date and he was on a plane to Idaho within two days and proposed.

I saw a shark one time when snorkeling on the north shore of Oahu.

False! I never saw a shark. Rusty saw two when snorkeling. One in Sharks Cove and the other at Electric Beach.

I got dropped on my head crowd surfing at a Papa Roach concert.

True! The only other crowd surfing experience I had prior to doing it myself was watching Danny Tanner and Reverend Eric Camden doing it on their respective television shows. It is nothing like that! So if that's your only reference point, let me tell you what really goes on. Someone has to launch you in the air, and once they do, you land on a bunch of people's heads that aren't expecting a body to land on them. They push you off their heads, you fly a couple of feet in the air and land on some more people. It hurts. People try to rip your shirt off. And if you struggle to keep it on too much, they'll just drop you. On your head.

So good job Betsy, Meg and Ryan!!


Betsy said...

Yes!!! So what do we win?

Misty said...

After I made my guess I thought about Matt...darn!

And, I can remember almost everyone's names in that picture...excpet for 4 of them.

Brits said...

My undying love and affection.

So Misty...which ones can't you remember? Maybe they're in "My Weekend Story" somewhere.

Meg said...

Yay!! That was fun.

Betsy said...

Darn... I was hoping for something good.

GRaSSE said...

you were freakishly tall in 3rd grade. DANG!!! :)

Linda Terry said...

brit, surely you were standing on a stool during your grade
school picture. right? and what's with 18 kids in class? were half of them out with measles? the average grade school class size here in china is 70 kids to one teacher. course no chinese kid has ADA. (or whatever that "bounce off the walls" condition is called.)

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