Monday, October 27, 2008

What are the odds?

The other day, Rusty and I were hanging out outside when we spotted an airplane really high up in the air. We watched it for a minute, and we saw two people jump out of it! How often do you get to see someone jump from an airplane? Sure you see them with their parachutes, but never before.

It was pretty random, so I thought I'd tell you all the other random things I've encountered.

A few years ago, Rusty sold something on ebay. I went to ship it the day it got sold, and realized that I knew the person that bought it! So I hand-delivered the package instead. Saved us a few bucks on shipping.

I have a one-in-a-million baby boy. Have you ever heard of a little boy that doesn't pee when getting his diaper changed? Yeah, amazing that I've never been peed on.

I guess this would make a more interesting post if I could thing of other random things. So go ahead and leave a comment with your one-in-a-million stories.



Lacey said...

Austin's one-in-a-million trait made me think of Landon's one-in-a-million trait. He hasn't had a "normal" poop in his diaper since he was eightish months old. Yeah, obviously when he's sick he lacks the control, but for the last year 90% of his poops are on the toilet! He despises pooping in his diaper, so you have to catch him in that moment of holding it and then take him to the potty and he goes just like that!

The Gollihurs said...

I've never been peed on either.. okay, the other day didn't count. I couldn't get Heath to the potty fast enough.

Hmm.. I'm typing this from the top of my roof. That's random, right?

larenea said...

how's this for random:
seeing one of your cars in the driveway while backing out of my garage and then hitting your other car that was right behind me.

I'm still waiting to see a dent picture on your blog.

by the way, I'm looking extremely carefully before backing out now. I don't even run over the ants anymore.

Jenni said...

Not one in a million-just one in every 4 thousand, but my baby was born with teeth!

Kate said...

You are a big brat.

Tiffany said...

I have a one-in-a-million story... I your lst paragraph you out "thing" instead of "think". How often do I correct YOU in words, spelling, or grammar!

Heather H said...

Zachary hasnt gotten me either, but Olivia did how weird is that?!

Linda Terry said...

how's this for one in a million: i had a baby who would announce to me when he was ready to poop, he'd go get a diaper, bring it to me, lie down so i could put it on him, then poop in it, and come tell me he was ready to have his diaper changed. pretty special kid, don't you think? course the fact that he was four years old alters the glory of the story. (well, not four...maybe three.) linda/mom

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