Friday, October 31, 2008


My friend Meg played a cool game recently that I thought would be fun.

It's called Six. I'm going to list 5 things true about me, 1 thing false. You're supposed to guess which one is false.

1. I got dropped on my head crowd surfing at a Papa Roach concert.
2. I saw a shark one time when snorkeling on the north shore of Oahu.
3. While "engaged" to Rusty, I went on a date with a schizophrenic.
4. In my third grade class picture, I made a funny face.
5. I waited over a year after I got married to send out my "Dear John" letter.
6. I once spent the night sitting in an aisle at Wal Mart.

By the way, if you know one (or more) of them to be true, don't give it away in the comments!



Betsy said...

This is hard because I could see you doing every single one of those things. My guess is #2.

Merri Ann said...

I am going to guess number 3. Do we get points for this? And when do we get to see the list of how many points everyone has again?

Misty said...

My guess is #5.

Kate said...

I guess #4

Dean & Candice said...

I'm guessing WalMart. By the way, I love that you found my blog because that helped me find your blog and I love it. This is a better way to get to know you. Trying to block your spikes is just plain frustrating! This is fun! You are a great writer. I am not a stalker but I am now a follower!

Tiffany said...

My guess is #6..

Ryan said...

I'm guessing the shark thing.... it seems to normal.

Chris and Shelly Stolworthy said...

Hey Brit! I found your blog:) But I think the Wal-Mart one is false!

Meg said...

Wow, those were some good ones!!! I love this game! I'm going to go with the shark one too because I would hope that if that really happened I would have heard about it... because that is freaking scary!!!

Kati and Charles Anderson said...

I'm going with #3.
I can totally see you doing all the things listed though. I agree with Meg, it would be pretty freaky if you saw a shark on north shore...but you wouldn't have been the first, so I believe it.

By the way, I always knew you were talented, but holy cow! Those pigs are great!

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