Sunday, October 5, 2008

Lacey Wins!

Well, it was close enough anyways.  No one noticed that Lacey and I have each other's blogs linked again?  We're like e-BFFs now.

And second place, honorary mention has to go to Jon and Becky.  I hate France, so anything that makes fun of them has to be given proper credit.

I'm going to tally up scores now and post the top three winners to the left.  Remember, one point per comment.  But you'll be docked points if



And for those of you who were wondering, yeah, it is a pathetic attempt at getting more comments on my blog.



Lacey said...

I'm so awesome.

Kate said...

Hey I totally noticed. I think you are both super rad and should be friends.

Merri Ann said...

I feel cheated. I have been rooked. I demand a recount. I was so proud of myself for having the idea to look up yachting flags on the internet. I want an impartial judge brought in. Rusty I am depending on you. I demand Justice.

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