Sunday, October 5, 2008

Austin's one!!

We had a birthday party for Austin recently, here's all the kids that came. This is probably the best one out of the 30+ pictures that I took because two kids are actually looking at the camera.

Here are the cousins on my side of the family. As of Tuesday, this photo is officialy outdated!

Here's the birthday boy!

I'm so proud that he just picked up his cupcake and dug in. Ashlyn just daintily licked frosting off of her fingers for about 20 minutes. Austin had this entire thing consumed in less than 2 minutes. He must get that from me.



Anonymous said...


Collin, Kristi, and Brooklyn said...

I can't believe he is one! The time goes by so fast. Brooklyn will be one at the end of the crazy!

Misty said...

it was so good to see you. I'll have to email you some of the pictures i took. I actually got them all looking...i think. at least all sitting!

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