Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I'm not brushing my teeth until you file my claim!

Take that Blue Cross!

It's been over three months since my teeth cleaning and my dentist keeps faxing the claim over to Blue Cross, and they keep denying that they're getting it. So guess what I get to do today? I get to take the claim that my dentist mailed me and I get to drive 30 miles to the Blue Cross office and hand it over to the workers, so they'll cover my $300 appointment. Well, until they get it taken care of I'm not brushing my teeth.
They're going to end up paying way more than $300 by the time I'm through with them!



GRaSSE said...

Brit I didn't think you believed in the dentist? If I remember correctly, you were the one that cracked your tooth and then picked the whole thing out by yourself...

To this day I can't eat a bowl of popcorn without thinking of you!!

Brits said...

I would have no teeth if it wasn't for the dentist! And I did go to the dentist after I cracked my tooth. He fixed it all up for me. :) I am a firm believer in pain killer, and dentists sure give you a lot!

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