Wednesday, August 20, 2008

That time we were homeless...

I referred to that in my earlier post and figured someone would ask why and when Rusty and I were homeless. No one did, but here's the story anyways.

When we were first married we lived in Hawaii. As students, we were only allowed to work 19 hours a week on campus. The only place to work in Laie is on campus, so that's what we did. We were SO POOR! Our rent was $550 a month for one bedroom. And when I say one bedroom, I really mean it was one bedroom - no kitchen, dining, or living room. Just a bedroom in someone's house. (We shared a bathroom with the owners and their 3 kids). We had very little money leftover because of prices likes these:

Yes, that gallon of milk was on sale for $8.49.

Luckily, we were moving to a place the following semester that was a bit cheaper with more privacy (meaning it was still a bedroom in someone's house, but we didn't have to walk through someone else's living space to get there). Because we had no money for Christmas presents for each other, we decided to move out of bedroom #1 a week before we were to move into bedroom #2. The only problem was that we were left homeless for the week, and I subsequently got eaten alive by mosquitoes. It was a great first Christmas together!
Here's a couple of pictures of bedroom #2.

From the front door.
Our bathroom/kitchen. Yup, we could shower and get breakfast at the same time.

But who really cares how small your house is when this is your front yard??



Jenni said...

Ahhh....the sacrifices some will make for the beautiful beach in Hawaii. I bet those times in Hawaii just make you enjoy your new house even more. I know things were put into a little perspective for me.

Niel & Brittany Lund Family said...

I heard about your bathroom with a fridge, but never saw it. Amazingly you had more space there than we did in our first little room in Hau'ula. Our rent was like $650 for a studio. Our fridge was the same size as yours and we had to stuff a crib into the corner next to our "dining room table." I am so glad we were only there for a few months. I was not getting any sleep being so close to Emmit and having the kids upstairs running around all the time spilling liquid that would come dripping down into our place. It really does make you grateful. You guys were amazing...homeless and riding your bikes everywhere all the time!

Amy Rae said...

I did wonder about this, just hadn't had a chance to comment yet :) You're much more of a trooper than I would have been- I would have been a grump all of the time. You're amazing! I'm proud of your for reading Breaking Dawn- it was my favorite of the series- I always did like the romance line better than the vampire story line. I was thinking bout you and Rust a couple of weeks ago as I was taking the airporter in Washington- when we stopped at the spot where Rust got on many years ago to head to Hawaii- you, Jarred and I were there to see him off, and my heart was so sad for you and how much you'd miss him. How times have changed. :) Love you tons!

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