Friday, July 18, 2008

My second favorite Office quote

“Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone
in the world, can write anything they want
about any subject. So you know you are
getting the best possible information.”

Rusty and his co-worker Brandon got into an argument today. Brandon is an Idaho state representative and he said he thought Hawai'i was dumb for using an apostrophe in their name. Well, Rusty just turned in his thesis to the University of Hawai'i and part of the requirements for thesis format is to use the correct punctuation in the word Hawai'i. It is not an apostrophe, it is an okina and if he had used an apostrophe, his thesis would have been denied.

So Rusty let Brandon know this. As I mentioned before, Brandon is a politician and politicians are never wrong, so he just changed the truth. That's right. He changed wikipedia. Go right now to and he added in under "Another Problem" this line:

Luckily, nearly all scholars of native Hawaiian agree that the apostrophe is an accurate proxy when available and the okina provides no additional value and thus is unnecessary. Now the standard symbol used to separate the final to i's in Hawaii is an apostrophe. This is also the officially approved symbol according to the AP Style Guide.

Someone needs to teach this corrupt politician a lesson. I'll take that job. Bring it on Durst. Your wikipedia page has just been edited.


Misty said...

i don't think that counts as a picture

larenea said...

so what's your favorite office quote? i miss that show.

Stacey said...

Umm, how lame am I that I didn't even know there was a little punctuation mark thingy in the word "Hawaii", oops make that "Hawai'i." Sorry I don't have the little okinaanaereweeni thingy on my keyboard. And if I do I'm not going to spend time looking for it. And yeah, that doesn't count as a picture.

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