Friday, July 18, 2008

Brother Dodge can Misty pleeeease spend the night?

I used to be so good at that. You know, charming the parents, making it seem like we're going to have some innocent fun and that we all need to spend every waking moment together to do it.

Well, I guess there's a negative correlation between the amount of charm someone has and the amount of cellulite they have because I've lost the Brittany-charm. I couldn't convince Kent (brother-in-law) that Stephen and Brandon (nephews) needed to come and see the midnight showing of "The Dark Knight" with me. And while I have enough self-confidence to be able to go see a movie by myself, it's just not as much fun and instead of watching it, I'm at home blogging about it. I'll just wait until the movie comes to the drive-in and hopefully all the young men who wore Batman speedos and capes to tonight's showing will stay home.

Oh, and here's my promise. My next post will contain pictures. My blog is looking a little boring.


Misty said...

All we did was have innocent fun...what are you talking about? =)

larenea said...

ha ha
the real reason Kent said no isn't your cellulite level but the wrath of his wife saying, "you let the boys do WHAT?"
I'm a little psycho about letting the boys run off to a movie without me screenit-ing it first. oh and the coming home at 3am might have had something to do with it too...
sounds like Jonathan would have been a good date for you.

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