Friday, May 16, 2008

What were they thinking??

They obviously didn't do their market research! (That's a little plug for Rusty). No parent of a two-year-old would make their pullups like these! Don't they know that the diaper with the one "Ashwyn" on it will never get worn when there are diapers out there with two "Ashwyns" on them???

Anyone want half a box of pull ups??


The Randall Family said...

Oh no! LOL! Did drawing the second "Ashwyn" on the diaper with only one on it not work? : ) If she really refuses to wear them we'll take them. I'll bake you cookies again for them, but I won't actually take the cookies over to your house until you are home - that way you'll get more than one. LOL!

Kati and Charles Anderson said...

Hey Brit! You're amazing! I love reading about what you are doing and want to be doing. It inspires me to do other things than clean the house!
:) Anyway, I really wanted to write you today because...I saw Paul Peterson at Stake conference here in Wenatchee today! Crazy! I never thought I would have seen him again. Thought you might enjoy that!

Kati and Charles Anderson said...

I tried clicking on the paul peterson link but it kept taking me to my facebook homepage. So, yeah, he came up to me and said hi and introduced me to his wife. It was a little awkward. He was still very good looking. It was hard not to think about when we were dating. It wouldn't have been as hard if he wasn't so stinkin handsome. Anyway, I'm over it today. :) I just hadn't seen him in 10 years so I had a little trouble dealing with past feelings.
I have a hard time with facebook so i don't really check it, but I couldn't help notice you started a group or something about getting kicked out of babycenter...How'd you do that??? :)
I love reading about your LDS women stuff...No worries, I won't ask for an invite. :) You crack me up!

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