Friday, May 2, 2008

This is against the greater good...

but I got tagged. Actually, I've been tagged quite a few times, but I normally ignore the "tag" because I feel like it perpetuates the idea of forwards, bulletins, application requests etc. All of which I am morally opposed to.

But a friend went so far as to leave a comment about my tagging on my blog, so Meg, if you really want to know 6 random things about me, I will oblige.

  1. I hate chalk. Seriously abhor the stuff. I can't think about it without getting chills down my spine. If I ever have to touch it (which was never the case until Ashlyn discovered sidewalk chalk) I get a paper towel, because nothing would be worse than having to touch it.
  2. I had no idea how much I weighed all through high school and college. I think that's really weird, especially for a girl. I didn't become obsessive about my weight until after I had Ashlyn and was FAT.
  3. I read obituaries. Every day! I check Facebook, my email and then I read the latest obituaries in my local news.
  4. I love to check the mail!! It's like Christmas everyday. Not that we get packages or presents in the mail very often (or ever!), they're mostly just bills, but it's still fun.
  5. I hate wearing pants. I would rather freeze than wear them. Good thing it's finally getting warmer again!
  6. I don't remember movies. Even hours after watching a movie, I couldn't tell you a thing about it. But I can remember just about anything that anyone ever says to me or that I read.


Meg said...

Ohh... sorry I tagged you. I know that they are a pain!! I liked yours though! I almost want to mail you a package because I love that too!! Thanks for playing along. I promise not to tag you ever again :).

Brits said...

LOL don't worry Meg. I had fun. :) I just felt bad doing your tag, but not anyone else's.

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