Monday, May 12, 2008

This bugs

I'm an avid "Dear Abby" reader. So in today's column a lady by the name of Kathleen wanted to get the word out that in celebration of National Women's Health Week, "we are offering a free Health and Beauty Kit that includes tools for making informed choices about the cosmetics and other products women use everyday."

I have no problem with that.

Here's my problem. The information is being sent without charge because the "effort has already been paid for with taxpayer dollars, including postage and handling."

Can they really not think of anything better to do with our taxes!!?? Why is it that the government feels like it's their responsibility to make sure women know how to put on makeup??

This is why we all need to go out and vote for responsible government officials!


Lisa said...

Why couldn't they just round up all the Mary Kay consultants, they are always giving out free facials...
Yes, I totally lurk here, if you are clever you can find me...LOL. I miss you "over there" but envy your freedom from it all at times.

heather said...

that bugs me too, since i don't really wear make up either...blah!

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