Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I'm starting to get a complex.

Story #1:
I just watched a fun commercial that had people skateboarding. It said this at the end:

I love my life, I'm not willing to mess it up with a pregnancy.

Story #2:

The other night, I was reading a story to Ashlyn and it was about two dinosaurs that found an egg that hatched. They went in search for the baby's mother. Of course they ended up finding its mother, but during their search they ran across a dinosaur and asked her if she was the mom.

The response?

"I'm too young and pretty to be a mother."


I've messed up my life twice now, and I'm not young and pretty anymore. LOL


Rick & Liz said...

I saw thta commercial the other day! I just wish people would find a better way to word things like that! And in the book? The children's book? Wierd! LOL.

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