Sunday, April 27, 2008

Six Years

A week from Tuesday will be six years since Rusty and I met! And I'm still learning things about him. For instance, right now he's watching Mrs. Doubtfire and I never took him for a Mrs. Doubtfire kind of guy.

A Tour of Our House!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Google Earth Fun

Our apartment in Hawaii is outlined in yellow (our car is the one that's circled).
I thought it would be fun to zoom out. We lived right across the street from the Arizona Memorial and Pearl Harbor (seriously, it took 5 minutes to walk to it). Our apartment complex is circled in yellow.
Look at the difference! This is where we're building our house. Right in the middle of that field.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

I got a job!

It's every mom's dream job. I'm doing data entry from home. I've got a huge box of stuff I should be doing right at my feet, but I'm blogging and bragging about it instead.

Our kids

Favorite foods: Hot dogs, grapes, oatmeal, cookies
Favorite activity: Going outside
Favorite toys: her baby doll and soccer ball
Happiest: when going out (to the store)
Most used words: "huh?"

Favorite foods: squash
Favorite activity: bouncer gym (remember the eyesore?)
Favorite toys: a pen
Happiest: after waking up
Most used words: *laughter*

Sick of this game, yet?

I'm not! I really like comparing Ashlyn and Austin. The only real similarity I see here is the drool.

My favorite part about this picture of Austin is the fact that his shirt says "dribble".

More pictures of our house!

So these pictures aren't any different than the last picture I posted, but we had to go back and take some with our real camera and not the camera phone. We also invited some friends and ate pizza with them, it was our first party! I'm sure there's many more to come!
And we had to make our mark in the house somewhere. So we carved our initials into our door frame.

Sunday, April 6, 2008


Who knew they could get so much done in just a few days? I guess we'll be moving in next week instead of June. LOL

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April Fools!

Nope, not starting any pregnancy rumors this year. I actually completely forgot it was April Fools until Google pulled the Time Stamp prank. Anyways, so Rusty and I decided to put a For Sale sign in front of his sister LaRene's house. We thought it was funny.

House Pictures!

It's awesome, huh? I'm SO excited! That's the best looking driveway I've ever seen. I'm not sure how much I've written about our house, but it's out in a new neighborhood (those houses behind ours are model homes) so we'll be one of the first families around. It's at the end of a cul de sac. The neighborhood is located way out in the middle of some fields, but only about 5 minutes away from a Target. And we'll have a view of the mountains! Not like any Pacific Northwest mountains, but it'll do!
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