Saturday, February 9, 2008

Boise Zoo

We went with some friends a little bit ago to check out the Boise Zoo, it was freezing!!

Rusty and Ashlyn checking out the penguins.

Ashlyn and Kailey playing with the penguins.

A couple of tigers.

Ashlyn going down a giraffe slide.

Ashlyn, Rusty and a monkey

Kailey and Ashlyn trying to stay warm.
Overall, the zoo was pretty cool. The Honolulu Zoo was much cooler, actually it was warmer and that's what made it cooler. Does that make any sense?


Blah Blah Blog said...

ah, cute. ashlyn and kailey are buddies! you guys do look freezing. i'm impressed you went to the zoo in the winter!

The Randall Family said...

LOL! We should definitely retry the Zoo visit in the spring time huh? LOL! Those pictures turned out super cute though. : )

Anonymous said...

brit, i LOVE the header pictures for your blog. you are a PROFESSIONBAL photographer lady. the one of ashlyn and austin in white buried in white i wish you had been born a generation earlier and been my next door neighbor to take pictures of my kids. course then you couldn't be my daughter-in-law, so forget that wish.

Alanna said...

your kids are adorable. I am proud of you for braving the zoo in the winter time! Did you know that the Rutter's live in Boise? Laura would love to see you. She is always trying to convince me to drive up and visit.

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