Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I'm not on my Computer

I'd like to post something, but my computer is all the way downstairs. It has all of our new pictures on it. I'm stuck on Rusty's laptop and for some reason the only pictures on his laptop are of me! Maybe he thinks I'm hot or something??
This is a picture of me, Dillan and Marty at a luau at Seth Kelly's house. About 50% of the time I was with Dillan, he tried to kiss me. I don't think the fact that I'm married now would deter him.
*From clockwise to left to right - Jenny, Stefanie, Jo Anne, Annie, Misty and Me. Who knows what we were doing, but we did that most of high school for various pictures. We were all good buds, unless a guy got in the way (which was about 90% of the time). Good thing we're all married to different men, so we can all be friends again.
Marty and I. Despite popular belief, he and I never dated. We just hung out a great deal. He was one of my best friends up until I got married to Rusty. He just couldn't understand why I couldn't go to the movies with him on Friday nights anymore.

When we weren't laying on top of one another for group pictures, we were eating.

Can't Sleep...

What is my deal!? It's almost 3 in the morning. Lame.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

My Good Deed of the Day...

I really enjoy messing around with blogger code. So if any of you want anything fancy for your blog, feel free to ask! I'll totally help. I've helped Michelle and Carol already, and I would LOVE to do your blog, too! And for those of you who have already gone to PYZAM to fancy up your blog, I know how to get rid of that annoying PYZAM link that is displayed across it. I'm eventually going to make a blogger code blog and I'll just paste the codes I do so anyone has access to it.
I'm going to Idaho Falls for the weekend, but I'll be back on Monday!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Boise Zoo

We went with some friends a little bit ago to check out the Boise Zoo, it was freezing!!

Rusty and Ashlyn checking out the penguins.

Ashlyn and Kailey playing with the penguins.

A couple of tigers.

Ashlyn going down a giraffe slide.

Ashlyn, Rusty and a monkey

Kailey and Ashlyn trying to stay warm.
Overall, the zoo was pretty cool. The Honolulu Zoo was much cooler, actually it was warmer and that's what made it cooler. Does that make any sense?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The lot

There's the lot that we bought! We own the space between the white fence and the cedar fence (not all of it - it's kind of weirdly shaped because it's on a cul de sac).

We bought a house!!

I mentioned in my last post that our townhouse is pretty temporary. That's because we just bought a house! Yikes! Once we finalize the mortgage and all the colors, they'll start building it. It should be done by June.
I'll admit that I freaked out a bit after we signed the papers, but that has gone away and now I'm really excited and am planning all the painting we're going to be doing!

Our Boise Townhouse

This post is primarily for Ginger, she asked me to post pictures of our new place. It's nice, but pretty temporary.
This isn't our actual apartment, ours was at a bad picture taking angle, but same thing.

Our living room (and our new couches)

This is the third bedroom, we use it as a den. It's where I blog.

I like the kitchen, but there's not enough cupboard space. :(

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

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