Monday, January 21, 2008

Five Years!!

I can't believe it's already been five years since we got married! Here's a little recap of our early days...

Outside of the Seattle Temple - December 28, 2002.

Celebrating our first year anniversary (of meeting each other) in Moab, Utah.

The Polynesian Cultural Center, we lived across the street from it for a couple of years.

Parasailing in Hawaii.

Christmas pictures on the point in Laie.

In five years, we have....

-had two wonderful, amazing beautiful kids

-moved 9 times

-spent one week homeless

-lived in Utah, Idaho, Washington and Hawaii

-both graduated with Bachelors degrees and Rust with a Masters degree

-spent the night in Wal Mart for a $20 DVD player

-four wheeled, hiked, helicopterd, surfed and snorkeled everywhere possible in Hawaii

-swam with sharks in the wild

-spent $6.99 on a gallon of milk

-slept more on an air mattress than any other type of bed...

I didn't know five years ago, what the future would hold for us. I couldn't have wished for a better husband or a greater five years. Rusty I love you!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Catching up on some reading...

One of the strangest pregnancy symptons I have is that I just can't read when I'm pregnant. Weird, huh? I normally love to read and will go through tons of books every month. But as soon as the nausea hits, my desire to read is gone.
As soon as I had Austin, I was back to reading and I've been making up for lost time. In the first three months, I read 12 books (3 series), here are my reviews.
Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. 100+ people recommended this series to me and I didn't understand what the hype was. It's a vampire love story. Sad news...I still don't understand what the hype was about. I give it a C-, but an A+ for cleanliness.
The next series I read was The Uglies. It consisted of 4 books and although it was a sci fi (not really something I'm into) it intrigued me. I give the second book an F (could he have used the word "bubbly" anymore??), but a B+ overall. Some swearing, but overall pretty clean.
The last three books I read were historic fictions on the wives of Henry VIII. Excellent books! Pretty dirty, so if you decide to read them, you've been warned. The first was a bit boring, but overall the series gets an A-.

Christmas Day

This is the family on Christmas morning! Kind of looks like I was up all night and just wanted to sleep in for Christmas, huh? I didn't get my wish.

Ashlyn and Austin checkin' out the goods!

Ashlyn loves the barnyard puzzle that Santa brought her.

All of the Terrys pre-presents and pre-quiche.

My sister got Ashlyn dress up stuff, which she absolutely loves!

Christmas Eve!

Ashlyn (and of course Austin) are a bit young still to understand the idea of Santa Claus. So it wasn't much more of a struggle to get them both to sleep.

Last Days in Hawaii

I had some pineapple tonight and now I'm feeling a bit melancholy. Here's some pictures from our last weekend in Hawaii.

We lived across the street from the Arizona Memorial (in Aiea) and they had a field of flags for the Dec. 7th anniversary of the attack.

3/4 of the fam on Oahu's east shore

West side of the island (we had to drive around one last time).

A sunset at Sunset Beach on the North Shore.

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