Monday, December 10, 2007

UH Warriors!

I know that it's really unlike me to be posting about football, so I promise that this is the last time I'll post about the sport! We went to the University of Hawaii vs. Washington State (or maybe it was the University of Washington???) football game. It was awesome! It came down to the last 3 seconds when some guy in purple missed the touchdown pass that would have won (or tied?) the game.

I have some friends who were still bitter about Hawaii's win over Boise, and they kept giving us crap about our Rainbow mascot. Does this guy look tinky winky to you?


kate said...

Hope that helps.
(But trust me, it's really not important!)

Alanna said...

Gotta love the Hawaiian culture! I never used to be a football fan until recently. Now I actually watch some games and I follow BYU.

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