Monday, December 17, 2007

A Pictureless Post

I've got a million things to do still so I don't have time to upload pictures! Rusty got a job! We're leaving the island tomorrow night. I've definitely got some mixed feelings about that, and I'm sure once my body temperature drops 45 degrees my feelings will be very clear. Anyways, BYalch finally called back and offered Rusty a position as an associate project manager with ******* in Boise, Idaho. Yeah, I ****'d the name of the place out because I've met some freaks online (notice the BBC post below) and I don't want anyone to follow Rusty home from work one day and steal my kids or murder me.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

LDS Babycenter

Nice try ladies (yes, you know who you are). But you won't be finding the source of that thread from me. And while I won't pretend to not know anything about it, I'm not going to point you in the right direction. Keep looking, it'll be fun and it will give you bored housewives something to do. :)

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Man List

As of tonight, my husband has completed his man list. I didn't even know of it's existance until recently. I could see why skydiving is on everyone's man list, that one didn't suprise me.

What suprised me was his utter desire to lower our recently sold couch over the edge of our third floor *lanai. Would it have fit down our stairwell? Absolutely! Did it matter? Nope, because we'll never live on the third floor again (yes, it helps to prevent roaches, but the price of having to follow Ashlyn up the stairs at a two-year-old pace, is just too much to handle multiple times day). He would never have the chance to finish his man list if we didn't do it here!

The attempt was successful because the couch made it to the bottom. But once the ropes slipped apart, it fell the entire way down.

*A lanai is just a fancy word for balcony, Hawaiians call it that to justify spending outrageous amounts on rent.

UH Warriors!

I know that it's really unlike me to be posting about football, so I promise that this is the last time I'll post about the sport! We went to the University of Hawaii vs. Washington State (or maybe it was the University of Washington???) football game. It was awesome! It came down to the last 3 seconds when some guy in purple missed the touchdown pass that would have won (or tied?) the game.

I have some friends who were still bitter about Hawaii's win over Boise, and they kept giving us crap about our Rainbow mascot. Does this guy look tinky winky to you?

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