Monday, October 29, 2007

Vile Weed!

My fridge reaks of broccoli.

We're moving soon. We don't have all the facts on the move, but it'll happen sometime in the next 6 weeks to a place currently unknown to us. This means it's time to eat out our cupboards. The problem with this is that sometime in the last 9 months or so when I had some crazy craving, I bought some pretty gross stuff.

Exhibit A:
I had two boxes of this stuff. When Friday night came and I realized we had no meat thawed and two cans of tuna in the cupboards, I knew it was time...

When I opened the package and actually got a wiff of the stuff, I immediately changed my mind. Rusty was not to be deterred though. I kept mentioning his favorite dishes at local restaurants with the hopes to draw him away. This didn't work. Neither did my threats of leftovers. On to plan B.

Plan B:

In an attempt to sabotage dinner, I dumped an entire bag of frozen broccoli into the dish. Rusty hates broccoli. Although apparently, he's decided to try and eat his vegetables.
Plan C:
So I cooked it for 30 minutes longer than I was supposed to, hoping that the stuff would burn. But it has some weird chemical consistency that doesn't allow it to burn. Too bad. We ended up having it for dinner and for leftovers for two nights. Rusty has picked out the broccoli every time.


Ryan & Stefanie Dixon said...
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Ryan & Stefanie Dixon said...

Oh Brittany that looks disgusting, and you ate that for leftovers too! I'm sorry Rusty didn't cave in and take you somewhere to eat, maybe next time. Hopefully there won't be a next time.

Michelle said...

Ha! That's funny... so sorry Brittany. :)

HeRO said...

Yack - that does sound gross and I like Broccoli. I tried to feed Ayden some baby potatoes with broccoli in them and the smell was horrible so I can only imagine!

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