Monday, October 29, 2007

Plunge Worthy

There comes a time in everyone's life where they have to decide which of their friends (if any) are plunge worthy. That time has come for us. In two to six weeks, we'll be gone. We're selling our stuff and eating out the cupboards with the hopes of having almost nothing left by the time we move. We're certainly not wanting to buy anything new!
Well, our toilet backed up yesterday. Sometime in the last 14 months of Hawaiian living, we have failed to buy a plunger. As devestating as that is, we have failed in an even bigger way. None of our friends are plunge worthy. We don't know a single person on this island, whom we could call at 3AM and ask to borrow a plunger.
So evaluate your friendships! Cultivate your friendships! Call them up for a fondue party. Because when the time comes when you need them, it may be too late.


Kate said...

Ha! So funny! I don't think we have any plunge worthy friends who are close enough. Time to get to know the neighbors.

Jon & Becky said...

We own a plunger. It cost about 150 cents.

Alanna said...

hey, I just found that you had a blog. I saw your address off of Stefanies. I will be waiting to hear where you are moving. you can check out my blog at

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