Thursday, May 24, 2007

Kona Hawaii

I was so surprised to realize that that most of the Big Island is farm land. People actually have yards there! It's just so different from Oahu (and especially Honolulu) that it made me really homesick!! I am so sick of the big city!!

*Trivial information: Oahu holds 75% of all of Hawaii's population. Most of that is probably in Honolulu and the surrounding cities.

We spent our third (and last full day) driving across the island to Kona. It's a huge island! It took a couple of hours just to get to the other side, on Oahu you could drive around the entire island in less time.

Kona, Hawaii Temple:

Hapuna Beach Park:

This beach is one of the most famous in the world. Honestly, it looked just like most of the other beaches I have been to. And my favorite is still Waimea Bay. It was still nice though, and we took a long relaxing break from all the hikes we did the day before. And heck! There weren't any naked guys!!

Here's Ashlyn's nice new tan!!


Cami D. said...

Hey there I found your blog through a friends - you are so talented! How did you do this cool page and have links? I am so challanged when it comes to this stuff! I'd love to know your tricks!


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