Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Who's Pregnant?

First a little background.

April Fools Day of 05. I was pregnant with Ashlyn and we decided to announce our pregnancy to the family on that day. No one believed us. It was great!

A few months later, Robert (Scott and Ginger's son) turned one years old. For his birthday he got this T shirt from his parents.

Anyways, a cute way to announce that they were having another baby.

So last month Ginger decides that I'm due for some pranking. She photoshopped a recent picture I sent out of Ashlyn to say this:

Then she sent it to everyone except for us using an email address that we've never had. While everyone was congratulating us we were completely oblivious. Later that day I got an email from Ginger saying this:

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATS GUYS!!!!!!! and you said WE would be pregnant next!

I tried to do some damage control with this letter:

I got this strange email from Ginger. Funny thing is we've never had a account...Hmmmm..Not sure who else got it. Very funny Thompsoms. You just wait. You're on our list now.

There were quite a few siblings confused:

LaRene: I don't get what you just wrote. So is it a joke? Ginger says that you're pregnant? You really are pregnant? What's going on?

Kate: I see it, Ashlyn's shirt has had some foul/computer play done to it...Ging, so we'll now assume YOU'RE pregnant?

Linda: Poor Rust and Brit. With the pregnancy announcing history they're acquiring (some brought upon by themselves, and some forced upon them), they'll never be able to make a genuine announcement that anyone will believe.

Rachel: I'm so confused

I tried to clarify things:

I wasn't sure if Ginger sent those pictures out (see first email) to
everyone. I didn't think so until Luke said (in his letter) I'm as
positive as Brittany's pregnancy test..." I agree with Kate! It must
have been Ginger's pregnancy that she pinned on me!! OK Ginger, spill the

Ginger thought she was so clever! This was her email that clarified everything.

Pranking 101

Scott's photoshop magic + a "recycled" announcement from an old roommate =hahaha
Why you ask?

Most of you have probably forgotten when I was pregnant with Robert there was
an email from "us" announcing to everyone that we were having twins. RAB
never fessed up to the crime, but we all know the truth. Then came a
discussion at Grammie's funeral. All our babies were pretty young, and
Brit said, "Ginger, we all decided that you were probably the next one to get
pregnant." Then came an email to me last night from Brit that sparked the
idea: "I was SO sure that in one of these blog pictures Sam would be wearing a
shirt that said, "Big Brother." Oh well, maybe next time. Just thought I
would stir some waters another direction. :)

So I thought I would put a little twist in her game as this next letter is from me.

Pranking 201

A little more advanced than what the Thompsons have mastered. Without them
knowing, get SAG to announce to everyone in a "joke" that you are pregnant when
you really ARE pregnant!! That's right! Baby #2 due Oct. 12!! We were going to
wait until April Fools Day again...but when opportunity knocks!

Ginger responded with her math that she thought was so accurate.

Pranking 301

If my math is correct (Mike will let me know)...October 12th due date means you have not yet missed a period. October 12th is still over 8 months away. Nice try time come up with a more believable due date. We recognize that picture from Ashlyn's announcement.

First my question is (totally off topic), but why is Mike the sudden expert on women's cycles?

To clarify everything, because frankly I'm sure anyone who is reading this is genuinely confused. I really am pregnant. No one knew, I had just taken a test two days before Ginger decided to get me back for the prank that I pulled on her years ago. It came back positive.

A few weeks later, it turns out that Ginger was pregnant at the same time! She had absolutely no idea though. We're both due about the middle of October.

Now how in the world am I ever going to catch up to her?

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